Making everyday life just a little easier!
Making everyday life just a little easier!
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About RVJ Innovations, LLC

RVJ Innovations, LLC was founded as a Product Development Platform to create, develop, and market innovative, premium products for the home, travel & leisure market, which fufill unmet needs and makes everyday life just a little easier. Every product shall be designed and constructed using high quality materials, while keeping the focus on convenient, simple, practical, and good looking products.  Items that you would be proud to use, even in front of your friends.

 RVJ stands for the first initial for each of my three youngest daughters’ names, who I have traveled with extensively over the years, starting when they were still small children, the youngest still in diapers. 

As the old saying goes… “Necessity is the mother of invention”, and was certainly the case in developing the Voyager Portable Mini-Playpen. 

Air traveling multiple times a year alone with my three small daughters, one still in diapers and the oldest only five years old, created quite a challenge for having the right items with me as we visited family across the country. Which led me to design a portable, light weight, and high quality playpen that I could take anywhere I wanted to go, so that I could have a convenient and secure place to allow my infant to lay down or play, without the bulk and expense of other types of travel playpens.

However, after eight years of design concept development and production lead-times, the Voyager Portable Mini-Playpen is finally available… Too bad my children are all too big to use now… But hopefully not for yours!